With passion and dedication, our trained and certified Teacher Partners help us build strong Math foundation in children by efficiently facilitating the Cuemath Program.

Carefully Selected

Only one in a hundred aspiring applicants get selected to become a Cuemath teacher. As a part of our selection process, each applicant is tested on their Math Aptitude, communication skills and motivation to become a teacher.

This careful selection process allows us to ensure that we have the most driven teachers for your children.

Rigorously Trained

The Cuemath Learning System is built on a tried and tested system whereby students are encouraged to learn-by-doing. After our teachers are selected, they go through a rigorous certification program where they are trained on delivering all aspects of the learning system in the most apt manner possible.

Continuously Upskilled

The training our teachers receive does not stop once they are certified. Our teachers continuously upskill themselves through Cuemath designed courses on higher level math concepts, children’s learning psychology and so on.

This continuous training is setting our teachers on the path to becoming the best educators in the country.