Changing the world takes more than just altruism. It needs the inventive geniuses who will someday find a better cure for cancer, develop cheap renewable energy to spare the planet or finally answer all the unsolved problems of Number Theory. But innovation is just a part of the equation, beyond innovating for the future, children need to make smart, logical decisions on day to day matters in their lives. Which is why it is important to build a strong math foundation in our children.

I’ve taught children across ages for over 10 years and have realized that the conventional approach to math isn’t allowing children the room to appreciate the subject.

Instead, most children develop the fear of math. For me, this is rather disheartening!

I’ve always loved math and I wanted to find a way to help children see how math is prevalent in every aspect of life.

Which is why I started Cuemath, a program that helps build strong math foundation in children and they learn to see math not just as a subject to make good scores, but as a life skill that will help them navigate through the ever changing, dynamic world full of ambiguities.

With Cuemath, I hope to be able to harness the potential in every child and build a strong foundation that helps them not only master math, but also fall in love with it.

Manan Khurma
CEO, Cuemath