The Math Of Reasoning

In this domain, we have puzzle cards built to expose children to a wide variety of questions, some of which may have incomplete data, multiple interpretations, multiple answers, and various ways of arriving at solutions.

They encourage children to examine constraints, deduce logic, and develop critical thinking. The puzzle cards are categorized into three buckets: Arithmetic, Geometric, and Logical.


These puzzles can be solved using basic arithmetic and numeric concepts. The beauty of these puzzles lies in the fact that very tough problems can be solved almost magically using fundamental ideas. Solving puzzles based on arithmetic reasoning helps children think about real-life problems and decisions using a numerical approach.


Geometric reasoning cards are more often than not “beautiful” with very elegant solutions. These puzzle cards test children’s visual, geometric, and spatial reasoning skills.


These puzzle cards require children to reason their way to solutions, keeping a note of the constraints outlined in the problem. Children are expected to approach these problems by connecting various facts to form a coherent framework and draw conclusions based on it.