The Math Of Aptitude

Mentally manipulating numbers or recognizing patterns is an application of a child’s cognitive skills. Our interactive tab-based exercises help a child hone these skills.

The difficulty level of these exercises is gradually increased to push for improvement. The exercises are divided into three distinct categories: Arithmetic, Geometric, and Logical.


Arithmetic exercises help in building mental models for various mathematical operations so that children can perform faster calculations. They help them in enhancing their accuracy in mental calculations and solving a problem using different approaches.


This skill set for children comprises of exercises that involve the ability to understand, interpret, and analyse visual data. It requires children to quickly assess the pictorial data and use mental frameworks to solve the problems.

The exercises strengthen a child's ability to spot patterns, visualise them better, and extrapolate them to improve his/her visual and spatial reasoning skills.


Logical Aptitude exercises require children to reason their way to the answers keeping the given constraints in mind.

There are multiple types of exercises involving quick thinking, logical deductions, and inference dependency for a given premise or situation. The exercises are designed such that the students have to think on their feet to answer the questions.