Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the program?

The Cuemath program runs through the year and caters to students in every grade from 1 through 8. Each Cuemath student attends three 1-hour sessions a week. But given the flexibility of our program, it adapts itself to the student's pace rather than moulding the student to fit its predetermined boundaries.

How many students are there in a Cuemath session?

There are at most 8 students in a group. It is our wish to ensure that every one of our students is able to ask for and get personal attention.

Does Cuemath provide any assessments to the students?

Yes, periodic assessments are part of the program. However, the intention of these assessments is not simply to "pass" or "fail" students, but rather to give the teacher enough information to help guide the student's learning. Additionally, all progress reports are shared with the parents who are encouraged to approach the teacher with their questions or suggestions.

How is it different from Abacus, Vedic Math and similar programs?

The focus of programs like Abacus, Vedic Math is Arithmetic and calculation. As things stand, these programs are designed less to test a child's comprehensive mathematical ability than to teach them to learn to calculate quickly.. While capable of yielding gratifyingly quick results, such exercises have proven to have little impact in the long run.

Why was there a need to develop a program like Cuemath?

Every mathematics textbook or program aims to teach children the fundamentals of Mathematics in an interesting manner. However, this is easier said than done. As things stand, nearly every school-going student learns Mathematics superficially and for their examinations. Consequently, they never learn to appreciate the logic, precision and beauty of Mathematics nor experience the creative freedom that Mathematics can offer. Cuemath seeks to disrupt this established environment through a judicious mix of old and new methods. It does this by employing a combination of old-fashioned "worksheets" and tab-based assessments. In addition, it is Cuemath's wish to prepare a "customized trajectory" for each child, thus ensuring the most felicitous delivery of our product.

How does the Cuemath model work?

Cuemath is a revolutionary system that uses the skills of highly qualified people to deliver its curriculum. Our rigorous training and certification process ensures that every student across the country is taught our material at the highest standard.

What is the Cuemath curriculum?

The Cuemath curriculum combines the three "domains" that we believe are crucial to math learning. The first domain, called the math of concepts, comprises carefully-designed workbooks that cover mathematical concepts in depth and encourage active learning. The second domain, called the math of aptitude, is designed to sharpen children's mental math using a series of game-like tab-based exercises. The third domain, the math of reasoning, is perhaps our most ambitious undertaking. Delivered through artistically-designed "puzzle cards", the math of reasoning encourages children to think out-of-the-box and find creative solutions to various challenges.